INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENT, ENGINEERING & EDUCATION (E-ISSN 2656-8039) an interdisciplinary journal that uses an approach in solving a problem by reviewing various relevant or appropriate cognate perspectives in an integrated manner. International Journal of Environment, Engineering, and Education is a peer-review journal where all published articles can be accessed for free (open access). Published three times per year (April, August, and December). The types of writing that can publish are Research Articles, Case Studies, Short Communication, Book Reviews, and Review Articles. International Journal of Environment, Engineering & Education only accepts a quantitative research approach, which is one type of research whose specifications are systematic, planned, and structured from the beginning to the design of the research. Articles contain unlimited scientific material described, but must discuss the results quantitatively. The scope related to this International Journal of Environment, Engineering & Education include but are not limited to Environment Science: Water and Wastewater, Pollution and Climate Change, Energy and Resources, Environmental Behavior, Ecology, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Health Science; Engineering Science: Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Information and Technology, Electrical Engineering, Materials Science and Engineering, Civil, Architecture, and Hydraulic Engineering, Remote Sensing, Agriculture science; Education Science: STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Environmental, and Mathematics) Education, and Sustainability Development Education.

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International Journal of Environment, Engineering & Education
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Published: 2019-08-16
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